October Update

Welcome back to my ministry updates!

October was quite an eventful month! With the arrival of the new season came some FOCUS classics like Fall Camp and the Halloween Party. Fall Camp (part one) was at Camp Lebanon with the SMU campus. It was such a sweet time of rest and fellowship, with worship sprinkled in to remind us of why we're really here. We stayed overnight at this camp and spent a lot of bonding time together - it was evident when we got back to campus that many new relationships had started, and old ones had been strengthened. Fall Camp (part two) was a one-day retreat with some girls from TWU Dallas. Although we didn't get to stay the night, it was a great bonding experience! We set up worship stations where the girls could reflect on God's goodness in their lives, along with some fun crafts like pumpkin painting. For our most recent Fall event, we had a Karaoke Halloween Party at SMU! I performed a rendition of "Into the Unknown" with my good friend Laura, and danced the night away as all the students wowed us with their performances. Events like this are so special to me because it shows that God's People can and should be enjoying life together and having fun!

Classes are still going strong. We're going through the Old Testament, having just wrapped up the minor prophets and heading off to the wisdom books. We also had a few new additions, such as Paul and the Holy Spirit and Evangelism Class. For our evangelism class, each apprentice will come up and put on an outreach event. I'm very excited for my idea, and I will let you know how it goes in the next update! 

I've absolutely loved leading worship this month. Each time I do, I'm reminded that God has me exactly where He wants me - in a place where I can serve and praise Him alongside other believers. My favorite song we did this month would have to be Graves into Gardens. It seems to be one that the students connect with very well. 

Thanks again for tuning into my montly updates, I'll see you again next month!

Have a blessed day,


Here is this month's Student Testimony!


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