December Update


I'd like to say a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! I hope your holidays were full of blessings and peace. 

On the ministry end of things this past month, we only had about half the month before students went home for the break. But the shorter amount of time did not hinder us from packing our days full of fellowship! We wanted to make sure our students did not resign themselves to weeks of isolating finals-studying, so we planned for lots of opportunities to gather as a community. 

Of course, we had our annual Christmas party. This year, the theme was "Christmas Cup" where each Core had the chance to compete in various Christmas games to win a Grinch-shaped mug. Our games included gingerbread house decorating, "tree decorating" (see picture 1), and some pretty creative Christmas karaoke presentations. Unfortunately, my Core did not take the title of Christmas Champions, but the fun we had was more than enough to reward us with feelings of closeness and holiday cheer. 

We also opened up Canterbury House to students for a study night, where we had spaces for quiet study as well as spaces for more "distracted" study time. I was able to use this time to prepare for the sermon that I gave the last week before winter break. (Although, like most study sessions, I ended up spending much of the time hanging out with students.)

For us apprentices, the last week was full of sermons. We spent quite a few hours prepping, writing, and praying for nerves to leave before it was our day to share. The topic of these sermons was "My Gospel", and it was testimony-style. My sermon was structured around three truths that God has taught me in my past: 1) That He sees my heart, 2) That He protects me, and 3) that community is worth pursuing. If you would like to watch my sermon, you can visit this link and skip to 1 hour, 15-minutes:

Thanks again for tuning into my monthly update! Make sure to read our student testimony and I'll post again soon! God Bless!


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