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March Update

 Hello everyone, and welcome back to my ministry blog update! March was a very exciting month filled with fun trips, my first community sermons, and even a student baptism!  Sermons I had the incredible opportunity to preach a couple of sermons to the SMU FOCUS community this past month. Our campus director, Laurence Glenesk, prayerfully creates the series plans at the beginning of each semester and shares topics with the other campus pastors. This semester I was given the topic of the third temptation of Jesus - the temptation to be powerful - and the intro sermon to the series “God Opposes the Proud”. Both topics seemed a bit daunting at first, but as I reflected on the things I’ve learned in Scripture over the years, and what our community is currently dealing with, I felt the Spirit guiding me towards what to say. Giving the sermons was an incredible experience. I was very nervous the hours leading up to it, but I was comforted by the fact that 1) God prepares each of us for what H