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April Update

 Hello everyone and welcome to my final blog as a FOCUS apprentice! They said it would go by quick, but nothing prepared me for how fast it would actually go. It feels like I blinked in August and it was May. I also feel I was not prepared for how transformative these 10 months would be. I believe this year will serve as a foundation for continued growth in my faith and ministry for the rest of my life. Here are just a few things I’ve learned: 1) It’s not about goodness, it’s about life. This statement was frequently used by Rikk Watts, the professor from Regent College that we apprentices had the incredible opportunity to learn from this year. His classes were full of pastoral advice threaded through each Scriptural lesson. He argued that from the beginning of time, God was not concerned with our righteousness so that we would be considered “good”. Rather, God longed for His creation to experience life to the full, and He knows far better than we that life to the full is found in obed