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January Update

 Hello and welcome back to my monthly update email! January was a very full month as we kicked into gear for the Spring semester.  The weekend before school went back into session, FOCUS held our annual ministry-wide Winter Camp. The SMU and TWU Dallas ladies stayed in a comfy cabin together, and we attended memorable sessions given by the esteemed Rikk Watts, a professor from Regent College who provides content for some apprentice classes. Rikk set up the weekend by presenting the premise that Jesus not only paved the road for Christians throughout history but had a very significant impact on Western culture in general. He painted a beautiful story of just how incredible the Lord of our salvation is. We also had times for "walk-n-talks" during the weekend, where we paired up with students in the ministry to share our stories and get excited about what God was doing in each others' lives. It was a very fruitful weekend, and I left feeling rejuvenated and on fire for campu