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November Update

 Welcome back to my updates, everyone! It’s been another packed month of ministry, and I feel I have way too much to share about! This blog is going to be a mixture of ministry updates with some reflections on my experience so far as things are ramping down for the semester.  Emo Night!   This month we did an SMU girls night event that is now my favorite event we’ve ever done: Emo Night. Laura, a student in our ministry, and I hypothesized that most people have had their own experience of an “emo phase” in their middle/high school lives, and we wanted everyone to share theirs with each other. So we pulled out the eyeliner, leather jackets, and black nail polish to create an unforgettable night. We began with some cookies and brownies, an important staple for any girls night. Then we jumped into poetry and diary entry reading. Turns out we have some very talented poets and writers! It was so special to see these girls be vulnerable about some of their darkest moments and how they persev