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August Blog (part 2)

Welcome back to my ministry updates blog!! A lot has happened since my last update. The past few weeks have been filled with so many memories, fun times, and awesome God moments.  Three weeks ago, FOCUS took 150 student leaders on a retreat called SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry) to learn about how to make the most of student ministry and form strong bonds. Many topics were covered in lectures held on the beautiful Camp Eagle campsite, including how to form spiritual friendships, how to plan for Core (small groups), and how to do outreach on diverse campuses. One of my favorite moments was going on the 3,000-foot zip line with some new friends! After getting back home from SICM, we jumped right into Welcome Week at SMU and TWU Dallas. Every day had a fun event planned - a Coffee House set up on Monday, Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag on Tuesday, Fireside Hangout on Wednesday, Thursday Night Fellowship on Thursday, and mini-golf at Top Golf on Friday. We met so many new stu

August Blog (part 1)

  And So The Adventure Begins!   Hello everyone!    This is my very first blog entry for my time as a FOCUS apprentice. It will go out to all who are supporting me, and whose investments - whether through prayers or finances - have allowed me to embark on this journey. I’m so excited to tell you about what God has already been doing, and about what I’m excited for in the future! One of the first things we did was the licensing ceremony on August 1st. (If you were not able to catch it, you can watch a re cording here: .) I found this ceremony to be very meaningful. I knew what I was getting myself into - ten months chock full of learning, growing, and ministering to others - but it’s one thing to jump into something with a general sense of direction and purpose, and it’s another to set intentions and goals and commit to them in front of a congregation. Not only did I make a commitment to the students I will be ministering to, but I also made a commitment to