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September Update

  Counting Every Blessing Hello everyone!  Just a reminder, if you are receiving these emails it's because you have invested in my year as a campus pastor with FOCUS, and I am so full of gratitude for your generosity. God has been doing some incredible things so far on the SMU and TWU Dallas campuses, and it's only possible because of your gift!  As I've said before, I am taking classes as a part of my apprenticeship. These classes include an Old Testament course, taught by Regent College's Iain Provan and other FOCUS pastors, pastoral ministry courses, leadership courses, and even a financial stewardship course. I have been able to process through important topics and issues pastors today are facing in their communities, such as how should the church address the polarizing climate of today's culture while continuing to love people well. We have also covered topics like balancing work and rest, discovering different spiritual practices, and stewarding finances well.